Sour Cherries

What do you use cherries for? Whether sweet or sour, they are the perfect little fruits for snacking on, using in bake pies and muffins, and, of course, making sour cherry jam with!

Here at Sandy Shore Farms, sour cherry season is a fun time of the year that flies by real quick. After two months of busyness with asparagus, it’s quite refreshing when this one-week harvest comes around in July.

Despite the short harvest, cherry season often consists of lengthy hours due to the great amount of work it takes to harvest fruit off of over 120 acres of trees in such a limited time frame. These cherries are shaken off the trees (using a “Cherry Shaker”) into water bins and then shipped off to a processor also located here in Norfolk County where they are pitted and distributed.


Take a look at our video below to see how cherries are harvested here.

Cherry Harvest:

Did You Know?


  1. Average cherry trees grow enough cherries to make 28 pies!
  2. In 1997, cherries were named the state fruit of Utah.
  3. 1/2 cup of dried tart cherries will give you 50% of your daily vitamin A.
  4. The world record for spitting a cherry pit is 93 ft 6.5 in, set in 2003 by Rick Krause of Michigan.
  5. If it rains a lot when cherries are ripe, they can get so full of water that they burst, causing them to split.
  6. Spit the pits! Don’t chew on cherry pits because they can release toxins.