Our History

In the mid 1920’s, the John Wall family crossed the Atlantic and emigrated to Canada from Europe. Originally from Holland, the Wall family had farmed on the rich soils of the Russian Steppes for many many years.  So, when they eventually settled in the Niagara Peninsula it was only natural for them to take up fruit farming.  In the late 1940’s they slowly began to move their farming business into Norfolk and Elgin counties where they saw more opportunity to grow and expand their fruit growing business.

Over time, the family began to realize the huge potential for vegetable production on the Norfolk Sand Plain and expanded the operation to include various vegetable crops.  In the 60’s, one of John’s sons Frank and his wife Luella carried on the family farming tradition and began to expand the business’s asparagus production. That growth quickened when, in 1986, their daughter Carolyn and her husband Robert Konrad took over the family business.  They were joined in 1994 by Carolyn’s brother Ken Wall and then also Kens wife Julie.  At the same time, the business was incorporated under the name “Sandy Shore Farms.”

Sandy Shore Farms is proud to announce that the next generation is also stepping into the family business. In 2016, Ken and Julie’s son Marc and Robert and Carolyn’s son Daniel joined the company at an ownership and management level.

Our Team

Along with the owners Robert, Ken, Daniel, and Marc (pictured below), our company would only be able to run with the help of hardworking employees. It is essential for any successful agribusiness to have a great team of local workers that return year after year to help with planting and bringing in the harvest.

We are also thankful for the hundreds of local seasonal workers that take part in our harvests each year. Along with them, we have been privileged with the help of migrant employees who continue to travel many miles and sacrifice being close to their families to assist our work here. Each member, whether seasonal or year round, plays a huge role in the success of our crops and we are incredibly grateful for that.

Robert Konrad

“‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ The way I see it, that’s been our motto all along. Working together with the family and good co workers, as well as working together with other farmers to produce a good consistent supply for our consumers is what it’s all about.”

Ken Wall

“I have always felt extremely thankful to have the opportunity to be involved in a business which produces something incredibly healthy and good for us all – fruits and vegetables.  Together with that, I get to work alongside family, friends, competent and talented employees and a dedicated group of fellow growers.  It truly is a privilege to do what I do everyday!”

Daniel Konrad

“I love being able to grow healthy plants and producing an abundance of quality fruits and vegetables. My goal every year is to create a highly productive operation that can grow and excel in all its ventures.”

Marc Wall

“I really enjoy working with family here.  Together, we have been through a lot and I strongly believe that we’ll continue to rise to the challenges that come our way.  I am so thankful for our support team and the great job they do.  Our focus will always be on quality, freshness, and meeting our customers needs.”